My name is Arina. I am a designer behind the Voy Design Studio. I'm on a mission to help modern brands to build a strong online presence. Since 2017, I have been trusted by 50+ founders and creatives to elevate their visual identities. I know how to simplify a brand's strategy by using a minimalist approach to brand identity, web design, and social media.

I approach brand building holistically. Every component, from logo to website to social media, works in harmony to reinforce the brand's message. I believe that every successful brand starts with a solid strategy. Starting a new project, I dive deep into market research, target audience analysis, and competition evaluation.
My name is Arina. I am a designer behind the Voy Design Studio
Since childhood, I have been connected with everything creative. Originally I am from Lithuania, where I have finished an art school. After, I studied Architecture and further Multimedia Design in Copenhagen. Already at the college, I began to develop my freelance career and work with brands around the world.

Later I moved to Stockholm, and gained a valuable experience working with Scandinavian e-commerce brands. I appreciate the time of living in Scandinavia, during this time I was able to dive into the modern design, and a sense of minimalist aesthetics. This has become the foundation of my work at The Voy Design Studio, where I infuse my experience to every creative project.
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